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Our people. Your people.
Together, we make a difference

Impact is powered by our multigenerational, multicultural, and multidimensional team delivering a rich diversity of perspectives and leading best practices to every client engagement. We bring together industry-recognized strategy consultants,  subject matter experts, and certified professional coaches, with an average 20 years of experience in the inclusive leadership space.

Founder & CEO

Lucy Sorrentini

Chief Operating Officer

Priscilla Alvarado

Lead Consultant & Facilitator

Shana Yearwood PhD

Executive Coach & Lead Consultant

Amy Scialdone

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Alan Cohen

Executive Coach & Lead Consultant

Ann Caton

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Cara Power


Benjamin Riddle

Consultant & Researcher

Stephanie von Numers PhD

Executive Coach & Consultant

Rita Franklin

Consultant & Facilitator

Eric T. Jones

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Diane Chang

Director HR & Operations

Alicia Parmar

Associate Project Manager

Ana Gema Monge

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