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Consulting – Impact Consulting

Strategies and Solutions: Outcomes based strategies and sustainable solutions to strengthen employee engagement and drive business performance.

Human Resource Transformation: Helping you reimagine your HR service delivery to better support strategic objectives and foster a more engaged workforce.

DEI Programs: Tailored DEI programs, playbooks, and resource group development to accelerate and support an inclusive culture.

Culture Assessments: Evaluation of your organizations culture through focus groups and stakeholder interviews to identify strengths and areas of opportunity.

Measurement and Metrics: Research and analytics to track and enhance the effectiveness of your HR and DEI initiatives.


We specialize in tailored human capital and DEI consulting services designed to enhance organizational effectiveness and drive change. Our approach includes a holistic and integrated multi-phase strategy that helps attract, develop, engage, and retain talent and create a more inclusive workplace.   As a solutions provider, our work is grounded in industry best practices and trends. We work in partnership with your team to deliver best results either on a project basis or through ongoing fractional retainer services. 

Training  – Impact Consulting
  • Awareness and Growth Mindset

  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

  • Career Management, Mentorship and Sponsorship

  • Leadership and Executive Development

  • Communications, Influence and Change

Leadership and Professional Development:

  • Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Inclusive Leadership in Action

  • Microaggressions and Psychological Safety

  • Generational Diversity and Intersectionality

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:


Experience our cutting-edge training programs, crafted to deliver action-based learning outcomes. Rooted in industry best practices and proven methodologies and enriched with role based and industry-relevant case scenarios, our training sessions offer the perfect blend of theory and practice. Following the Kirkpatrick model for learning evaluation, our programs also ensure that every participant not only acquires knowledge but also knows how to apply it effectively.  Through our learn-practice-provide feedback-integrate model,   participants engage in hands-on activities, receive personalized feedback, and seamlessly integrate new skills into their roles.
Our comprehensive training offerings are available as standalone workshops, in a progressive series, or through our empowering train-the-trainer programs. 

Coaching – Impact Consulting

Behavioral and Personality Tools:  Mastery in DiSC, 5 Behaviors, Energy Leadership, Myers Briggs (MBTI), Hogan, Conversational Intelligence, Gallup Strengths Finders, along with Cultural and Emotional Intelligence models, equips our coaches to tailor their approach to each individual or team’s unique profile.

Change Management Methodologies:  Expertise in leading approaches such as Kotter’s Principles, Prosci’s ADKAR Model, and the Change Style Indicator ensures our coaches are well-prepared to guide clients through organizational transformations and leadership transitions.

Impact executive coaches are accredited and certified through nationally recognized coaching and academic institutions, enabling them to use various methodologies in their coaching practices. Our comprehensive toolkit ensures our clients receive expert guidance and support through every stage of their career journey.  These include:


We offer comprehensive coaching programs designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking personalized guidance, professionals transitioning into managerial positions, or teams aiming to strengthen their dynamic through synchronized coaching sessions.  Impact’s range of programs are crafted to support and advance your leadership and professional development and include:

Executive Coaching

Professional Coaching

Group Coaching

Hybrid Coaching Programs

We’re on a mission to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces

We’re on a mission to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces

Our Services

Transformation Across Your Workplace, Workforce, and Community

Impact is a multifaceted consulting firm that excels in human capital, focusing on organizational change through the lens of leadership development, and diversity, equity & inclusion. 

Our integrated approach empowers true organizational change. Offering consulting, coaching, and training services, our proprietary framework can be tailored to your goals so you can drive meaningful impact and results.

We’d love to be your partner!

No matter where you are in your inclusive leadership journey, we are here to support you. Join the many organizations and leaders who turn to Impact Consulting as partners in creating transformational change.

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