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Learn about the foundation of Impact Consulting, LLC on our About Page, where our CEO's journey from a vibrant South Bronx upbringing to a pioneering leader in diversity and organizational development shapes our mission. Founded in 2015, our firm champions diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership excellence, reflecting a commitment to uplift and empower underrepresented communities. Learn Impact Consulting’s approach, mission, leadership success model, and how our roots inspire our work in creating transformative organizational change.

Cultivating a culture of equity and inclusion where everyone thrives

We believe that diversity encompasses understanding, acceptance, and respect for all aspects of the human experience.  Everyone has unique qualities, thoughts, and perspectives that make them different from others.  Yet, despite these differences, we are all connected by a common set of values and needs.  When we recognize, accept, and harness our unique backgrounds and our shared values, great things can happen. 

Founders Story

Lucy Sorrentini, Founder and CEO

Born and raised in the South Bronx as the youngest of seven to a Puerto Rican bodega owner, my journey to founding Impact Consulting has been deeply influenced by my Latina heritage and the stark contrasts of my upbringing. Amidst a community rich in connection and the challenges of an area known for its struggles, my early years instilled in me a determination to forge a better future not just for myself but for those facing similar adversities.
This resolve led me to dedicate over 25 years to organizational development and talent strategy consulting, where I've supported a wide array of global organizations and leaders. My experiences, both personal and professional, culminated in the establishment of Impact Consulting in 2015. As its Founder and CEO, I'm proud to steer a firm that champions leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion, reflecting my mother’s enduring legacy and my commitment to uplifting underrepresented groups.
Our purpose at Impact Consulting is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential, a vision I invite you to join us in supporting. Thank you for engaging with our story and our work towards meaningful organizational change.

Lucy Sorrentini, Founder and CEO

Transform workplace culture, redefine leadership and optimize individual performance.

Changing the face, complexion and impact of business and community leadership. 

Creating workplaces with access and opportunities for all people so they can thrive and maximize their potential.

Our mission is to create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces where everyone belongs. 
We are committed to:






Impact Consulting, LLC

Impact 5i Leadership Success Model

Rooted in our core values and combining consulting, training, and coaching best practices, the Impact 5i Leadership Success Model embodies a tested philosophy and proprietary framework that fosters success for organizations, teams, and individuals.

Lead with Values

Integrity embodies honestly, reliability, and trust

Inspire Others

Inspiration connects a shared vision everyone can strive towards

Include Everyone

Inclusion creates a culture of belonging where all can contribute

Guide Change

Influence drives motivation, commitment, and action

Enable Growth

Innovation advances new ideas, systems, and solutions

Office Meeting

Empowering Your Leadership Journey

Lucy Sorrentini
Priscilla Alvarado
Shana Yearwood PhD
Amy Scialdone
Alan Cohen
Ann Caton
Cara Powers
Benjamin Riddle
Stephanie von Numers PhD
Rita Franklin
Eric T. Jones
Diane Chang

Together, we make a difference

Industry-recognized strategy consultants. Certified Professional Coaches. Subject matter experts. Academics. Expert trainers and facilitators.

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