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Partnership overview

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the life and biosciences sector, committed to creating new products for better health worldwide. For nearly 40 years, Otsuka has been focused on research, product development and community engagement in the areas of neuroscience, nephrology and digital innovation.

Impact’s partnership with Otsuka serves as a testament to our expertise in comprehensive DEI consulting for large-scale enterprises. Otsuka approached us during the infancy of their DEI office's establishment, seeking strategic direction and effective organizational integration. Recognizing our early successes, Otsuka extended the breadth and depth of our consulting responsibilities.

“My experience with Impact Consulting was incredibly collaborative in every aspect, including problem solving, brainstorming, and even the quality reviews of work products…”

Our solution 

Impact designed a robust DEI governance model consisting of three transparent tiers, each with defined roles, stakeholders, expected outcomes and responsibilities. This governance model defined their DEI office and set the trajectory and core drivers, which were communicated throughout the organization after incorporating diverse employee feedback.  To support and enhance their DEI office, Impact completed the following:

  • Audited DEI data analysis from two industry front-runners in the consulting realm previously engaged by Otsuka.

  • Evaluated existing IT & HR frameworks, ensuring a harmonious balance between data transparency and privacy.

  • Outlined the DEI Office's communication guiding principles and methodologies and ensured consistent DEI objective communication over time.

  • Curated custom Inclusive Leadership training content to be rolled out to all executives and senior managers over an 18-month period.

  • Conducted DEI train-the-trainer sessions with select group of internal employees to encourage self-sustainment.

  • Conduced focus groups with underrepresented groups, including executives and provided the executive team with a report of key themes and recommendations for mentoring, succession planning, and psychological safety which are each in the process of being implemented.

Our impact

With the successful establishment of a DEI office, Otsuka revamped its marketing efforts to make the company more diverse and inclusive. The increased skill sets of senior leaders has led to improved employee engagement and improved their brand as an employer of choice. In addition:

  • The re-designed DEI training for all hiring managers and interviewers has helped ensure inclusive and equitable interviewing practices.

  • The company established increased diversity in clinical trials, embedding DEI in marketing materials, conducting community outreach efforts focused on mental illness across diverse groups, and sponsoring health studies report with the CDC highlighting the impact of social determinants of health and how to close the gap.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Partnering with Impact to stand up their DEI office.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Otsuka Pharmaceutical

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Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Partnering with Impact to stand up their DEI office.

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