Our Services

Impact provides comprehensive talent consulting strategies and solutions to organizations, teams and individuals in the following areas:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consulting

Consulting services focused on driving a culture of inclusion and building a diverse talent pipeline.

Programs: Inclusive Leadership in Action, Culture Assessments, Surveys and Focus Groups

Leadership and Professional Development Training

Leadership Development training aimed at developing versatile leaders who can address multi-dimensional goals, lead cross-functional teams and drive change.

Programs: Impact Career-Up™, Mentorship and Sponsorship, Leadership and Management Essentials

Executive and Team Coaching

Coaching and assessment debriefs that prepare leaders to embrace their authenticity, realize their full potential and deliver positive sustained results.

Programs: Impact Business-Up™, Energy Leadership, DiSC, Five Behaviors, Myers Briggs and Strength Finders

Everyone is a leader, either by choice or default, we partner with you to attract, develop, engage and retain diverse talent through inclusive programming.

  • Shift Mindset
  • Accelerate Development
  • Strengthen Leadership
  • Establish Work Life Balance
  • Build Strong Networks
  • Empower Engagement
  • Facilitate Brand Awareness
  • Drive Communications and Change

Ready to Drive Change?