Creating Work-Life Balance

Integrating your personal and professional lives in a way that uniquely works for you is the true goal of work-life balance

To all the inspirational working mothers I have met along my life journey, I dedicate this month’s blog on work-life balance. If you are wondering whether you will ever be able to experience this amazing state of nirvana, trust me, you are not alone. Despite best efforts and significant industry research, work-life balance continues to be an elusive state for many. Most of us claim to want a healthy work-life balance, however, despite our many talents and innovations, few of us are able to achieve it. Some would argue that work-life balance is unattainable, especially in today’s world, where we are connected 24/7 through our smart devices, further blurring the line between our work and home life. But, the reality is that work-life balance isn’t about keeping personal and professional lives separate, it’s about looking for ways to integrate the two in a way that is uniquely our own. With this in mind, here are five actionable steps you may want to consider when creating a work-life balance that is right for you.

  1. Beth-Marmolejos-Family-PicAdopt the right mindset: Adjusting your expectations and attitudes around what is really attainable is critical to being able to find peace and balance in your work-life. Do not measure your life by the standards or expectations of others. Consider what is right for you.
  1. Develop your work-life strategy: Not all things are created equal and not all have the same level of priority. Considering both long and short-term goals and implications will help you in making key decisions on where to focus your energy, talents and time.
  1. Establish a roadmap: Once you have your strategy, identify the tactics and steps you will take to achieve it; communicate those details to all those that are impacted by your strategy and actions.
  1. Leverage tools and resources: Whether it is creating an integrated calendar, establishing routines, delegating activities or adopting best practices, leveraging tools and resources available to you is key to achieving work-life balance.
  1. Be Accountable: Being accountable requires you to be present at all times and being clear on the implications of your decisions. Where and how you spend your time and energy has a direct correlation to how successful you are in achieving a quality work-life.

Research from Working Mother Media, indicates that women who feel that their life is in balance experience mental clarity, increased creativity, strong relationships and an overall sense of well-being but their research equally points to the fact that work-life balance is more a matter of work-life integration. One such Leader and Working Mother who has done a pretty amazing job at integrating her work-life is Beth Marmolejos. When asked about how she achieves work-life balance, here is what Beth had to say, “Family comes first for me and that is always at the forefront of my life. I work hard but I am not a “fanatico”, I try not to go overboard or overcommit to any one area of my life. As a business leader and an advocate in my community, I am always involved in many things and serving is a privilege for me but my family is my core and that is what brings me the most happiness. It’s not easy, but being organized definitely helps me maintain balance!”

What does work-life balance mean to you?
What are you doing to create a work-life balance that’s right for you?

Leadership Spotlight:

Beth Marmolejos

Finance Executive, Community Advocate, Diversity Leader, Board Member

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